PAS National Steering Committee

technical persons from various criminal justice institutions offering leadership

Hon. Justice Gidudu Lawrence

Chairman PAS National SC

Justice Gidudu is a judge of the High Court in charge of the Anti Corruption Court Division.

Hon.Justice Dr. Henry Peter Adonyo

Member of Committee

A Judge of the High Court, who has served the judiciary in various capacities including heading the Judicial Training Institute

Hon. Lady Justice Damalie Lwanga

Member of Committee

Justice Damalie is a judge of the High Court with a rich experience in the Land Division.

Ms. Betty Khisa

Member of the committee

Ms. Betty is the Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions in the office of the DPP

Mr. Hasiyo Adams

Member of Committee

Mr. Adams is a Senior Welfare and Rehabilitation Officer, Uganda Prisons Service

Mr. Okalany J. William

Member of the committee

Mr. Okalany is a senior officer of the Uganda Police Force, Legal & Human Rights Division

Ms. Lucy Ladira

Member of Committee

Advisor, Access to Justice (Criminal) on the JLOS Secretariat

Mr. Okullu Alfred

Member of the committee

A senior officer of the Uganda Prisons Service

Dr. Livingstone Sewanyana

Member of Committee

Dr. Livingstone is a distinguished Human Rights Lawyer and recently appointed to the UN as an independent expert on Human Rights


Ms. Faith. Erina


Ms. Faith is the Coordinator of the Paralegal Advisory Services