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“Paralegals are an important aspect of our work they are the human face in the administration of justice.”

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Our role in the delivery of justice

The Paralegal Advisory Services (PAS) contributes to improving access to justice for the poor and vulnerable persons in conflict with the law in accordance with the government’s Justice, Law and Order Sector (JLOS) priorities. Paralegals offer the basic legal assistance to the target beneficiaries at the different layers of the justice system including at the grass root community level.

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We seek to enhance access to justice for poor and vulnerable suspects, inmates and communities through interventions that address the challenge of ineffective demand for justice due to ignorance of the due process that contributes to; congestion in detention facilities i.e. remand homes, police cells and prisons; overstay on remand (pre-trial detention) especially for non-capital cases; delays in the administration of justice and non-compliance of justice actors with JLOS performance standards. All interventions are aimed at improving delivery of services and
making the justice system more responsive to demands of those seeking
justice and those in conflict with the law.


Holding justice institutions accountable.

Our interventions at police have seen over 40,000 police bonds awarded at police

Success Stories.


Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

…..The Complainant stopped and instead of taking these boys to the nearby police post or LC office, decided to put them in the same vehicle and drove with them to Arua Central Police Station about 20kms. PAS team contacted the LC 111 chairperson of Oriama Sub county, Hon. Itrima Lonzino via telephone. He turned up the next day and the three boys were handed to him and he rode with them on his Motorcycle and took them to their parents.


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The PAS team followed up the file of an inmate  Stella charged with the offence of attempted murder and not was not attending court. In the follow up, it was found out that a warrant of arrest was issued due to her nonappearance in court yet she was on remand in Arua female prison. After perusal through her file, the next date of court appearance was fixed i.e. 07/03/2014.


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On the 26th November, 2014 during the suspect parade in Arua, suspects expressed interest to meet the complainant so that they could “talk”. The Investigating Officer (IO) Mr. Onzima was informed and he contacted the complainant, paralegals talked to him and he accepted meeting the suspects. The IO handed the two parties to the paralegals for the dispute resolution. After a 2 hours mediation, the two amicably agreed to resolve the matter and the suspects paid for the cow. The IO was informed who then went ahead to inform the O C CID and the case was withdrawn.