A human face in the administration of justice

PAS Contribution


Assistance at Police

To increase access to justice for suspects in police stations


Assistance in Prison

To increase access to justice for detainees charged with petty offences



Assistance at Court

Create awareness of court processes for inmates, suspects and the public


Juvenile Justice

Advocating for the increase of access to justice for juveniles in the remand homes

Our Service Partners

Uganda Police Force

This is the entry point in the Criminal justice system

Uganda Prison Service

The gazetted detention facility for inmates on remand and convicted offenders


The courts are our justice partners in dispensing judgments on cases

Community Interventions by Paralegals

Paralegal teams have access to the local communities where most of the cases stem, they offer basic legal assistance such as mediation and help in dispute resolution.

Mode of operations

Paralegal Advisory Services works with the major criminal justice institutions including Police, DPP’s offices, Magistrates’ Courts, High Court and Prisons on a daily basis. Our participation at the District Coordination Committees as well as close support to and from other legal aid service providers and advocates in the respective districts has helped to lubricate the due process and promote expeditious delivery of services.


suspects, complainants and their relatives will be assisted at police stations to access police bond and divert petty cases through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms out of the formal justice system. PAS will assist pre-trial detainees to secure ordinary and mandatory bail in courts and also trace sureties for them to provide fulfilment of the satisfactory award of bail. Capital offenders will be linked to advocates for representation on pro bono; PAS will also lobby for mini High Court sessions and ensure that the first in, first out principle is adhered to during cause listing for High Court sessions. PAS’ will work in partnership with the Police Child and Family Protection Unit (CFPU), Justice for Children project (J4C) managed by JLOS to expedite delivery of juvenile justice. The advocacy for separation of juveniles from adults in police custody in a number of police stations will be a continuous core intervention area for PAS.

JLOS has put in place operating guidelines for members of the District Coordination Committees (DCCs) and Regional Coordination Committees (RCCs) to operate while administering justice. PAS’ membership on RCCs and DCCs will enable PAS to raise challenges and propose solutions to improve the administration of justice.

As part of providing legal aid to the indigent in the community and a case backlog reduction strategy, the program will implement a civil justice initiative in Busia to divert cases from getting into the formal justice system through mediation and other alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.

PAS will participate in fast tracking the enactment of the National Legal Aid Policy and establishment within an independent government institution as a long term measure to sustainable and holistic legal aid provision.

Case Studies and real stories


Diversion of cases

…..The Complainant stopped and instead of taking these boys to the nearby police post or LC office, decided to put them in the same vehicle and drove with them to Arua Central Police Station about 20kms. PAS team contacted the LC 111 chairperson of Oriama Sub county, Hon. Itrima Lonzino via telephone. He turned up the next day and the three boys were handed to him and he rode with them on his Motorcycle and took them to their parents.


Making justice system responsive

The PAS team followed up the file of an inmate  Stella charged with the offence of attempted murder and not was not attending court. In the follow up, it was found out that a warrant of arrest was issued due to her nonappearance in court yet she was on remand in Arua female prison. After perusal through her file, the next date of court appearance was fixed i.e. 07/03/2014.


Alternative dispute resolution

On the 26th November, 2014 during the suspect parade in Arua, suspects expressed interest to meet the complainant so that they could “talk”. The Investigating Officer (IO) Mr. Onzima was informed and he contacted the complainant, paralegals talked to him and he accepted meeting the suspects. The IO handed the two parties to the paralegals for the dispute resolution. After a 2 hours mediation, the two amicably agreed to resolve the matter and the suspects paid for the cow. The IO was informed who then went ahead to inform the O C CID and the case was withdrawn.

Community Approach

Our work is far reaching to even the communities around. PAS Uganda partners with the police in community policing and other legal sensitizations programs to empower communities through the different mediums including radio programming.

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